About Performance Management Company

Founded in 1984, PMC is dedicated to collaborating with a network of trainers and consultants to help create new ideas and applications for products:

Performance Management Company was founded in 1984 by Scott J. Simmerman, Ph.D., who remains its Managing Partner. Through the years, the company’s base has evolved from consulting and training to a company focused on creating and distributing products supporting management and organizational development to organizations and individuals worldwide.

PMC is dedicated to collaborating with a large and enthusiastic network of trainers and consultants focused on engagement, leadership and change to help create new ideas and performance improvement. The products are all designed to generate involvement and engagement and to be easy to use.

Combining his work experience in business consulting and retail management with a doctoral degree in psychology and university teaching from the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, Scott initially created Performance Management as an organizational consulting business. However, the focus of the business changed to designing and selling resources because of a single cartoon called simply, “Square Wheels One.” From that, Scott created the interactive Square Wheels® illustration series consisting of over 300 cartoons now packaged in 5 Square Wheels® toolkits. These toolkits are available as complete training packages and there is also a growing number of Square Wheels-based team development exercises.

One of Scott’s premises is that if people enjoy a learning experience they will more readily retain key points. The fun, fast-paced, “The Search for The Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine” was created with this belief in mind. Serious learning points such as collaboration, communication, resource management and planning are all entwined with participants having a good time while playing this team building game. It has become one of the leading team building exercises in the world and we have the clients and testimonials to prove it.

Our main web sites include  www.SquareWheels.com and www.PerformanceManagementCompany.com

These are the training and development sites for where Square Wheels® toolkits and our teambuilding games are explained and sold and where various exercises and links to other products are shared.

Scott and Joan Simmerman operate PMC as a home-based business. All products sold and presentations come with a satisfaction guarantee or monies are returned. PMC works enthusiastically with purchasers of its products to help support their success and satisfaction.

Users of PMC products include a truly global mix of Fortune 100 companies and multi-national organizations as well as small businesses, schools, universities and independent consultants. Please refer to our client list elsewhere on our sites for more detailed lists and testimonials — we have active LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media linkages where Scott tries to be a regular contributor and sometimes a cage-rattler when it comes to simply maintaining the status quo. WE NEED MORE EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT AND INVOLVEMENT!

Scott also is available to do speaking engagements and facilitations for keynotes, conferences, workshops and retreats. People remember his presentations because they are unique, interactive and engaging. This adds up to his consistently being a top-ranked and internationally-recognized presenter. His topics include themes of Change, Team Building, Motivation, Productivity, Innovation and Communications, all within a general framework of leadership. Visit his presentation website at  www.ScottSimmerman.com.

Since Scott began sharing Square Wheels® and his other products, he’s delivered workshops, retreats and seminars in 38 countries including South Africa, Egypt, England, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, The Philippines, Saudi Arabia, The Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, Mexico, Canada, Mauritius, New Zealand, Dubai, Japan, South Korea and all around the U.S.

He needs your help on getting gigs in Australia, Chile and Brazil!

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. We continue to add exclusive distributors of our products worldwide and we continue to expand out business outreach through these collaborations. In Romania, AchieveGlobal is our newest partner and user of these tools.

    And our work in India and throughout Asia continues to expand.

    Sure is neat to see such acceptance of the kinds of dynamics generated by the Lost Dutchman exercise, our Square Wheels illustration toolkits and our other performance improvement products. More are on the way…

    Have FUN out there!


  2. Joan and I have been working hard on doing a variety of updates and improvements to the various toolkits. They get better and better.

    And I have been doing a great deal of writing on themes of workplace improvement, team building and concepts around generating a more motivated workforce. A main theme has been on Dis-Un-Engagement, which is a facilitation skiils-focused approach to working with people to help them remove what they find dis-engaging in the workplace (and in all aspects of life, one supposes).

    Innovate & Implement has been updated (again) and is finally in what I think is fine shape. It has become an excellent Square Wheels tool for the toolkit on generating implementation and involvement.


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