Square Wheels? What the heck are those engagement tools about…

I have been playing with a video that explains more about how my Square Wheels illustrations are used for facilitation of performance improvement and employee engagement. The learning curve on doing videos is a round wheel that I am trying hard to implement, using screencasting software. Guess if I can figure out one feature a day, I will eventually be okay with those things.

To build the video, I built a short slideshow in powerpoint. So, I thought to make it available on SlideShare.

SWs Slideshare Cover Picture

If you are not familiar with the toolkits we offer to supervisors, consultants and trainers, check out this simple overview. We sell simple to use, powerpoint-based toolkits that work great to engage people in sharing their ideas for continuous improvement of workplace processes. They are simple and elegant tools for impacting how things roll…

I also uploaded a video that elaborates on the above slideshare. That is on YouTube and it basically narrated the ideas and themes included in the slides. You can see that by clicking on the image below:

Square Wheels The Movie Logo Must DO

Managing and Leading Change poems - Part OneAND, I also uploaded a three-part, illustrated slideshare program of some of my best quips, quotes, poems and haiku on the subject of change. You can find them here:

On our website, you can have lots of simple, inexpensive and highly effective tools available for you to use to facilitate improvement in your organization and we can certainly collaborate with any organization to customize tools for specific applications like strategy implementation, mission statement development and alignment, performance coaching and similar. You can find our basic Facilitation toolkit by clicking on the image below:

SWs Facilitation Guide $50

And I thought you might like this haiku:

SWs One Haiku outside the work team

Have great day out there and make a difference today,

For the FUN of It!

square wheels author

Dr. Scott Simmerman is a designer of team building games and organization improvement tools. Managing Partner of Performance Management Company since 1984, he is an experienced presenter and consultant.

Connect with Scott on Google+ – you can reach Scott at scott@squarewheels.com

Follow Scott’s posts on Pinterest: pinterest.com/scottsimmerman/
Scott’s blog on Poems and Quips on Workplace Improvement is here.

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